Clinic H















計画地: 福井県越前市

用途: 診療所

規模: 197m2


The project is a renovation for otorhinolaryngology clinic located in Echizen city in Fukui prefecture in Japan. In the location, there are many classic timber buildings featured by fire-walls and deep eaves using traditional techniques of Japanese architecture. An existing building has long baywindows, and a big concrete eaves to protect from heavy snow.

We imagined that this feature was very iconic in the countryside at the time when the existing building was built, 40 years ago. Our mission on design were mainly to change its facade and waiting room. The client required to continure a medical examination during the construction. So we started to think how to minimize the construction to utilize the existing condition as much as we can and how to make a temporary reception and waiting room under the construction.


To consider cost and smooth preparation to make a temporary reception, we proposed to use the garage located next to the clinic together with a temporaryoffice and connect to a service door. So that, we achieved to clearly protect the examination rooms using at the construction period.


As an overall concept, we started to think a way how to respect an existing horizontality and change it to be a brand-new facade and somehow relates to its interior design. As the client requested rigid but organic facade to show an identity of otorhinolaryngology, we proposed making "white woods" which creates a natural atmosphere between the exisitng eaves, and makes comfotable and clean interior spaces with a contrast between whiteness and timbers.


The new facade is composed by 2 types of aluminium pipes on size. These are installed between the existing concrete eaves by hidden metal piecies. By making a color contrast between the eaves and external wall, it improves to make building looks lighter.


In terms of the interior design, we follow the identity of horizontality. Any functional elements required such as a reception counter, benches and internal eaves are made of affordable larch plywoods, as to freely spread in the white space. Also mirror walls which installed at the same height as existing bay windows achieve to avoid additional elements except white and wood in the space and improve actual small space to feel bigger.


Through the project, we simply aimed to improve the goodness of the existing building with minimum elements, at the same time, making something totally different spaces and facade.