Instead of mimicking a physical phenomenon, we attempt to portray an ephemeral moment.

For example in long exposure photos, trailing lights capture the essence of movement of the vehicles. Photography also manages to capture the instant of vector motion of natural phenomena such as lightning, aurora, gas clouds and murmuration. Nature, when placed in the infinite time scale of the earth, carves lines of movement such as rivers, glaciers and fault lines. As such, the human heart beat is represented universally with a pulsating line on an electrocardiogram.

In all the above mentioned phenomena, the instance of directional movement gives meaning and definition to life as we know it.



The installation can be experienced from the boat and walking along the banks.

It is a uniquely long stretch of artwork spanning installed on the edge of the water and the bank. When viewed from the opposite shore, viewers can discern a long pure streak of light dancing and pulsating against the city backdrop and reflected on the rippling waters.

From a boat or walking, the white streak of light weaves in and out between the trees, darts over the river and bouncing off the ground, into the seemingly infinitely distant perspective. Visitors are drawn to trace the movement of mysterious streak and live together the moment it affords.



Upon the time‐space plane is how mankind perceives and experiences his place in the world. With the advent of photography and advances in science, mankind is able to reconcile with scales in respect to the universe, and mathematically measure them with vector time and speeds.

As such, mankind becomes even more acutely aware that life is life is transient, fleeting, spurting. The existential meaning of light is represented with the moment captured in movement. Movement universally indicates life, not just a mere physical and static representation of a lighting phenomenon.



We considered how to create a large expansive installation by unrolling and stretching the light as long as possible when compared to traditional light exhibits. The experience and effect is greatly enhanced.

The lighting installation is a lighting optic fibres wrapped with fluorescent tube to form a 100mm white lighting tube. The tube offers weather and stretch protection as well as to assist in the even distribution of light.

The lighting tube is draped on existing street furniture and from trees, or at certain points propped with additional minimal support to achieve a weaving form. The installation can be flexibly adjusted to the conditions of the site and to address budgetary issues.


Project Facts:

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Program: Lighting Installation

Size: - 

Stauts: Competition