A puddle appears transiently after a rain, and provides that brief period of fun and imagination to children and artists alike.

The puddle reflects landscape, the sky, the light and a window that fluctuates with its environs. It offers a mode of perspective of an upside down viewer staring back into it. 

When the viewer is made to realise the ‘non-existing’ qualities of the puddle, it is because there is something ‘existing’ around its surroundings reflected. The puddle is a sculpture of itself by negating itself, and in its place new interactions of human, environs and art appear.


Project Facts

Location: PMQ, Hong Kong

Program: Installation

Size: 3000mm x 2100mm

Contractor: Fai

Client: deTour2016

Status: Completed in November 2016




このPUDDLEは、deTour2016 ”Game Changer”という、香港PMQで開催されたアートエキシビジョンの為の作品としてつくられました。






計画地: PMQ, 香港

用途: アートインスタレーション

規模: 3000mm x 2100mm

施工者: Fai

施主: deTour2016

状況: 2016年11月竣工